About Power8

Truth builds trust

Welcome to Power8, the leading full service technology provider to the international online gaming and sports betting industry. With a range of premium product solutions and an unrivalled service reputation, Power8 is the partner you can trust to deliver the best in online gaming and sports betting technology.

In 2013 Power8 acquired a series of strategic business units, harnessing core strengths across different continents and key market sectors to create a powerful, streamlined and profitable corporation under a unified brand. Power8 develops comprehensive online and mobile gaming solutions and international network system products to keep clients and affiliates ahead of the game.

We provide digital solutions to all partners, large or small, whatever stage of development their online offering is at.


Online Gaming is the future of industry

The online gambling industry is one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding global markets at this time. With a net worth of $35 billion in 2013, this growth is forecast to accelerate for at least the next five years across all sectors of the market and expected to peak after 2018. Technology continues to play a pivotal role in developing the industry, with internet and mobile gaming reaching an ever-expanding global customer base.

Sports betting represents the leading market segment in terms of revenue and accounting for more than 40% of the market. Digital gambling, which includes mobile, TV-based and online services, attracts a rising number of customers with some gambling sites reporting that as much as half of their traffic now comes from mobile. Operators are focusing on M&A to boost revenue and secure market share. Established gambling operators are concentrating on moving into the digital arena, offering their services online and in new territories.

Online and mobile gambling is an unprecedented game-changer for the industry. The market will perform strongly benefitting from a recovering economy and expansion into emerging markets like Asia and Latin America. The games that dominate are wagering, casino and poker. Currently, Europe and Asia appear to be the fastest growing online gambling markets followed closely by the US with endless choices of games, websites and apps on offer to the consumer.

About 55% of the world's population takes part in some form of gambling every year, creating obvious opportunities and financial benefits in the primary and secondary markets. As the market matures, iGamers become more demanding and expect a more sophisticated online gaming experience. Software development, innovative customer interfaces, security and reliability are essential for gaming operators to stay ahead of the competition.

The evolution of the online and mobile gambling industry has had a particular positive impact on companies supplying Technology, Financial and Systems services to an increasing number of gaming operators and aggregators. Power Eight International (Power 8) is one such company, producing consistent year-on-year growth, servicing iGaming operators and intermediaries across the globe in one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries.


Corporate Legitimacy

Building trust through corporate transparency and
legitimate governance

Power8 is a global brand. We offer complete one stop management and support services to companies wishing to enter the online gaming industry. We also do not rule out offering financial support to stable and well managed gaming companies with tremendous growth potential.
Power Eight Resources S.A. is registered in Costa Rica (CR number 3-101-676220).

Our business support team is based in Barcelona, Spain.



The secret of management is getting good people on the job

Matthew Elliot
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Stuart McDonald
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Carl Davies
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Viktor Pavlov
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mario Alfonso
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)



The key to our success is to
think about our client's goals

Power8 has a great number of shareholders in every continent across the globe. Some of our largest shareholders are our long-term clients. Investment funds are deployed to strengthen the company’s capital base, to fund on-going expansion, technology development and market capitalization so that Power8 can become the market leader in the provision of online gaming and sports betting technology. Our corporate investment strategies optimize the individual objectives of our shareholders for yield and capital growth while benefiting the Company as a whole.



The longest journey starts with knowing where you want to go

With the proliferation of online gaming set to gather pace globally, we aim to be the online and mobile gaming industry leader by 2020, when we anticipate a public listing of the company’s shares on a major international stock exchange. A public listing of the company’s shares will generate the funds required to secure Power8’s market leading position and provide shareholders with consistent and significant return on their investment.



Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

At Power8, we understand the three key factors to success. The first is lowering the cost of customer acquisition for our clients. This focuses on driving visitors to our affiliate’s site and most importantly converting them into active players, with promotions and gaming experiences that excite and engage even the most demanding iGamers.

The second ingredient is the ability to maximise life time player values, by retaining players on our affiliate’s site. We achieve this with innovative products to create any virtual experience from the thrill of a trip to the lively casinos of Las Vegas or Macau and in contrast buying that potentially life changing lottery ticket from the comfort of home. At Power8 we have it all with cutting edge products and industry leading managed services.

The third factor is our unrivalled knowledge of local market demands and interests. What appeals in Europe may not attract players in Asia and vice versa. The strategic acquisition of a portfolio of companies serving the various local markets, from the US to Europe and Asia, enables Power8 to draw on an unrivalled pool of talent and resources to create tailored and relevant solutions for our clients in all territories.

While the gaming operators are the known face of online and mobile gaming, gambling equipment and technology vendors, such as Power8, provide the real backbone to the industry. Our market leading position has made us the go-to trusted partner in online gaming and sports betting.



A company cannot leave a better legacy to
the world than a profitable company with
happy shareholders

Power8 in its aim to become a legacy brand is delighted to announce that with effect from 1st January 2014 it became an official sponsor of Fulham FC which is playing its 13th consecutive season in the Barclays’ English Premier League (http://www.fulhamfc.com/sponsorship/sponsors). Additionally, the company has with effect from the same date joined an EPL-endorsed affiliate program which provides for Power8’s logo to be displayed by way of LED pitch side advertising at all home games of a further 10 Premier League clubs.

This combined initiative means that between 1st of January 2014 and the end of the current Premier League season in May, the Power8 logo will be featured very prominently at around 100 English Premier League games and be seen by an estimated audience of 2 billion people across the globe.

Power8 is already negotiating with a few football teams across Europe to take up a bigger sponsorship role for the next few years. Such move will seal the legacy of Power8 brand as a gaming technology & financial provider.